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Do you love your marketing?

Join my membership and discover how to use the little time you have to grow your sales AND feel good! ❤️

The Love Your Marketing membership is for women business owners in their first 3 years of business.

Here is what you'll GET when you join:

  • Pre-recorded trainings and study materials to take you from wherever you are now to your own bespoke marketing strategy to intentionally grow your audience and your sales
  • An optional 4 week onboarding course to get you up to speed on the basic FAST!
  • After or instead of the Fast Track you have the freedom to work at a pace that suits you, no deadlines!
  • Access to a supportive community of other women at the same stage in their business
  • Monthly live Plan-along group calls to map out your marketing activities for the month
  • Monthly Ask Laila Live group calls where you can ask your specific questions
  • Regular online co-working sessions to connect and share ideas with other members

Marketing doesn't have to feel hard or complicated, it's just about creating pathways for your dream customers to find you and fall in love with you.”

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